Baby Swimming Lessons in Doncaster South Yorkshire

parents with babies and toddlers during swimming lessonsMay I firstly thank and compliment you for investing the time to find out about swimming lessons for your baby or toddlers and in some cases put your own fears aside to explore the options available to you to ensure your babies future water safety and well being.

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About Gaynor the swimming teacher

I am a single mother from Doncaster with a passion for swimming and a love of children, after gaining all the relevant ASA Amateur Swimming Association qualifications and several years experience from other swimming schools I decided to take the plunge, sorry about the pun and in March 2008 set up my own STA Swimming Teachers Association approved adult and child swimming classes, which I currently run in a private pool, that provides a calmer more pleasant environment for baby.

I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and can imagine you and your infant taking to the water, having fun and quality time together while enjoying the many benefits that a water confidence course can bring.

Other family members welcome to attend with baby

mother and father with baby during swimming classesPlease note that classes are not solely designed for mothers and babies, we actively encourage fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends etc to come along and share in this wonderful experience. It is my hope that once your baby is confident in the water that you may wish to continue using Swim Tots for your child's swimming lessons.


This web site is designed to give you a brief glimpse into “Swim Tots” but I would much prefer to discuss with you the details of the course and any personal concerns or questions you may have, so please e-mail me your phone number and I will only be to happy to contact you personally to answer any questions you may have.

Benefits for baby


Q. How soon should you start teaching your baby to swim?

A. The sooner the better! Our gentle progressive learn to swim programme is designed for ages 4 months upwards.

Q. Do I have to put my baby under the water?

A. No! Submersion sessions are at the discretion of the parents and are in no way compulsory for the completion of the course. However as the course progresses you maybe amazed at your babies natural abilities and comfort levels in the water.

Q. What do you do in a class?

A. We use swim songs, toys and floats to help babies have fun and gain water confidence, while following the learn to swim structured programme that's approved by the STA.